Buildless joins Cloudflare for Startups

tl;dr we are thrilled to announce that Buildless is joining the Cloudflare for Startups program and Workers Launchpad as part of Cohort 2 🚀

🤝 Joining forces for faster builds

When it comes to online performance, few names shine brighter than Cloudflare. Renowned as a global leader in cloud services and CDN, Cloudflare has become a staple in the developer's toolkit, most famously for their high-speed proxy services.

Cloudflare, however, is far more than just a proxy service provider. For the uninitiated, Cloudflare also offers compute, storage, media, and more, which together constitute a growingly competitive set of cloud services. Unlike the cloud functions of old, Workers is a different beast entirely. But we'll get to that.

Startup programs change the game

Capitalism can be a challenging playing field, but every so often, we witness its better angels at work. In 2023, we see this substantially in the public cloud space, where behemoths like AWS, GCP, and Azure are locked in a fierce battle for market dominance. Their competitive approach has become an incredible windfall for innovation, as they shower startups with support and resources to win over their business.

This competition for the patronage of startups has created a rich and supportive ecosystem that fuels innovation and early startup growth. It's a powerful demonstration of capitalism working well. And Buildless, as a part of Cloudflare's Startup and Workers Launchpad programs, is set to reap the benefits of this well-functioning market.

What makes Workers great

The Cloudflare Workers platform takes serverless computing to the next level. Operating at the edge and built on the V8 engine, Workers enables developers to write and deploy code that fires up in milliseconds. By bringing computation closer to the users, latency becomes a thing of the past. This unique blend of speed and flexibility makes Workers an invaluable asset for Buildless.

How we use Workers

Buildless leverages Workers for edge authentication, routing, and caching. Through Cloudflare's R2 storage, we store build artifacts at the edge and serve them directly via Workers. This approach not only reduces latency but also supercharges our performance.

But the benefits don't stop there. Cloudflare's Load Balancing ensures traffic routes to the fastest possible origin. And as we continually enhance our platform, expect more developer-focused features to roll out. Our mission, after all, is to help you build less and do more.

Before we sign off on this exciting update, we owe a massive shout-out to the Cloudflare for Startups team and everyone at Cloudflare who makes their product unique. Thanks to their innovative platform, startups like ours have a robust and revolutionary tool at our disposal. A tool that, if adopted early, offers an unparalleled competitive advantage. Here's to building a faster and better online world together.‍

Learn more about Buildless

We hope this post has sparked your interest in our work at Buildless. Our mission is to accelerate the build process, and we're constantly developing new ways to achieve that. If you're intrigued and want to learn more, we invite you to explore other posts on Cacheflow, our blog. Here, you'll find a wealth of information about our technology, vision, and how we strive to make a difference in the developer ecosystem.

And if you're as excited about our mission as we are, consider joining us on this journey by signing up for the Private Beta. Click the green button at the top of the screen, and you'll be on your way to experiencing first-hand the future of build caching. We look forward to having you on board!

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