Introducing Buildless

The problem with software engineering

As software engineers, our work can often feel like the modern equivalent of renaissance artisans, solving complex problems and creating innovative solutions with code is all part of a day's work. We can feel like superheroes (when all is going well), but there is another side of software development: spending time on a bunch of useless details.

So much of our time is spent waiting; whether it is your code building locally, in CI, or finding and solving bugs, software development is full of hurry up and wait.

obligatory xkcd reference

We have decided to do something about it.

Introducing Buildless

Today, we're excited to introduce Buildless, a powerful tool built by developers for developers. Buildless is designed to disrupt wasted time, improve performance, and enhance security in software development, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – writing great software.

Buildless is a global build caching system that allows programmers to save time by storing their compiled build outputs. Once a programmer builds their code, it's stored in the cache, making it readily available for other team members to access and download the completed binary code. By skipping the time-consuming compilation step, developers can now dedicate more time to their creative work – writing innovative software.

Like flipping a light switch, Buildless is a drop-in solution that is low-risk to try. Our vision for Buildless extends beyond just a shared cache within a single organization; we're striving to create a global cache that continually saves time across all tenants as more companies join the system. Equal parts performance and security, Buildless not only optimizes build times but also paves the way for enhanced security features in the future.

Now live in private beta

Now serving in Oregon & Sydney

We're thrilled to announce that Buildless is now live in private beta, with regions operating in Oregon and Sydney. Our roadmap includes launching more cloud regions soon, such as Ireland, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Sao Paolo. To offer you maximum flexibility, we'll also support AWS, GCP, and Azure for private cloud hosting in these regions, allowing you to choose your preferred cloud provider and region when deploying your cache.

In essence, Buildless is here to become the agent optimizer for your builds, disrupting wasted time in software development and unlocking the immense value hidden in those countless creative hours spent waiting. Our approach to global build caching boosts performance and sets the stage for security enhancements and protections, toolchain alignment, and tons of other valuable utilities under the same Buildless umbrella.

A worthy mission

Buildless empowers software engineers to focus on what they do best – crafting world-changing software. Stay tuned for updates on the Buildless private beta and our upcoming expansions. Let's join forces and reshape the future of software development, making it more efficient, secure, and enjoyable for all.

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